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Guidelines for operational police involved in community policing


These guidelines, developed by the Armenian Police in co-operation with the OSCE Office in Yerevan, define the general context and legislative framework, general principles, styles of policing, and also cover the issues of communication and behavior, problem solving and providing police response.


The guidelines are an easy to use approach to the complex process of community policing and are supported with practical examples and considerations that will enhance the chance of success during police duties.

They reinforce the importance of adhering to the Charter on Community Policing takes account of international best practice and written in the context of policing in Armenia.

The guidelines are important predominantly for the function of Community Policing Officers, including Juvenile Inspectors, as well as supervisory positions, Heads of Community Policing Units and Deputy Heads of Services within the districts who are the de-facto lead for community policing. They are also important for other services involved in delivering a policing function – be that traffic, investigation or external service patrols who should take note of the principles and operational activities of community police so that their own activities support, rather than frustrate, this essential element of contemporary policing.