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Human Rights and Law Enforcement Course



A 4-day (17-lesson) course developed by the Kosovo Police Service School


Lessons' topics:

Day 1:
1.0 Opening, Introduction and Ground Rules (45 min.)
1.1 Lesson #1: Course Expectations and Team Building (45 min.)
1.2 Lesson #2: Policing in a Democratic Society I. Democratic and Rule of Law Principles.
1.3 Lesson #3: Policing in a democratic society II. The Role of Law Enforcement.
1.4 Lesson #4: What are Human Rights?
1.5 Lesson #5: Non-discrimination as a basic element of human rights
1.6 Lesson #6: Principles of non-discrimination: Women in society

Day 2:
2.1 Lesson #7: International Law Basics
2.2 Lesson #8: The Basic Sources of International Human Rights Law
2.3 Lesson #9: The European Convention on Human Rights
2.4 Lesson #10: The right to life
2.5 Lesson #11: The Prohibition of Torture and ill Treatment

Day 3:
3.1 Lesson #12: The Right to Liberty and Security of a Person
3.2 Lesson #13: Pre-trial police behaviour and potential violations of human rights
3.3 Lesson #14: Domestic Violence

Day 4:
4.1 Lesson #15: The Right to Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion, and the Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression
4.2 Lesson #16: The Right to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Association
4.3 Lesson #17: Freedom of Movement