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Identification of Human Personal Characteristics


Material covering a 2-hour lesson, developed by the Training Section of the UNMIK Police, Border Police Headquarters. Includes trainer notes and presentation.


The purpose of this lesson is to familiarise the participants with basic knowledge regarding the features of human body and head, factors that can make an influence on person’s appearance, provide them with the most applicable ways of individual identification.

At the end of this lesson, participants will be able to:

  1. explain where they can get necessary information for identification
  2. explain the factors which they must take into account during the identification process (age of a person, facial expression at the time of taking photo, miming, make up, position of head, angle of illumination)
  3. compose the verbal portrait of a person using a handout
  4. list the methods of collation by way of visual disintegration of photo portrait
  5. conduct a collation of bearer’s appearance with person portrayed on photo