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Lesson #04: Community Policing


Material for a 1-hour lesson on Domestic Violence, part of the Advanced and Specialized Section, developed by the Kosovo Police Service School.


Police can not perform its job without proper co-operation with other agencies, which provides support services for the victims of domestic violence. Importance of partnerships and inter-agencies work has proved especially effective in creating innovative responses. Police officers and services can be change makers if they work with other agencies that have expertise on the issue of domestic violence.

The goal of this session is to provide a forum to brainstorm and discuss ways in which the Kosovo Police Service can take a pro-active approach and raise awareness in the general public and to specific target groups regarding domestic violence. Results of the session will be shared with KPS Domestic Violence and Community Policing Units.

At the end of this lesson the participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the role of community policing in contrast to the work of the domestic violence unit and the domestic violence primary investigators.
  2. Identify key target groups that need to be aware of domestic violence.
  3. Develop a list of activities that can be used in order to raise awareness.