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Lesson 11: Basic management skills – The decision making process


Material for 2-hour lesson, part of the Basic Management Skills course, developed by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo and Police Inspectorate of Kosovo


The goal of this lesson is to provide Police Inspectorate staff with an introduction to the theory and practice of the decision making process in a management setting and the need for this skill within PIK.

When you have completed this Lesson you will be able to:

  1. Describe your own generally preferred approach to decision making
  2. Explain the Balance Sheet technique for decision making
  3. Describe the Mind Mapping process and explain how it can be used
  4. Explain the Criteria List technique and describe the advantages of using this
  5. List the possible implications of different kinds of decisions
  6. Describe the Brainstorming Process and explain the rules
  7. Use the appropriate decision-making technique to suit the specific situation and circumstances
  8. Monitor the outcome of decisions you have made and implemented
  9. Recognise how cultural differences can impact on the decision-making process