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Lesson 14: Basic management skills – Non-verbal communication


Material for 2-hour lesson, part of the Basic Management Skills course, developed by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo and Police Inspectorate of Kosovo


The goal of this lesson is to provide Police Inspectorate staff with an introduction to the theory and practice of non-verbal communication in a management setting and the need for this skill within PIK.

When you have completed this Unit you will be able to:

  1. Explain the importance of non-verbal communication
  2. Interpret the body language signals used by others
  3. Send appropriate body language signals to others
  4. Explain the importance of Personal Space
  5. Explain the kinds of non-verbal signals you can send through your own personal appearance.
  6. Explain the importance of clear, concise and complete written communication
  7. Prepare clear, concise and complete items of written communication