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Lesson #14: Clandestine Drug Laboratories


Material for a 2-hour lesson, part of the Drug Investigation Course, developed by the Kosovo Police Service School


All Narcotics Officers have been involved in seizing clandestine drug laboratories for several years. Many of these laboratories contained explosives, were booby trapped, or had operators carrying firearms. The investigation of these labs presents unique challenges to law enforcement personnel, and requires specialized training other than that normally received by law enforcement officer to find the places they set up, to learn the indicators and to ensure the safety of the police, the public and the environment.

Domestic labs range from crude makeshift operations to highly sophisticated and technologically advanced facilities, some of which may be mobile.

The purpose of this lesson is to give basic information about the Clandestine Laboratories, where they can be set up, some indicators, its terminology, officer safety considerations and raids. The emphasize will be made on the raids, because it needs a specialized training to ensure the safety of law enforcement officers, the public and environment. In addition, it will be focused on probably laboratories because of the double step method’s great importance today in Balkan region.

At the conclusion of this lesson, participants will be able to:

  1. Become familiar with the most common places where clandestine Laboratories are set up.
  2. List at least four (4) indicators of possible laboratories.
  3. Define the three (3) kinds of clandestine laboratory terminology.
  4. List the four (4) types of clandestine laboratories.
  5. Describe the three (3) officer safety considerations.
  6. Describe the four (4) stages of clandestine laboratory raids.