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Lesson #18a: Macedonian Criminal Procedure Code


Trainer guide for a 6-hour lesson developed by the Center for Education of Personnel in the Field of Security. General part of the 12-week Basic Training Program - Macedonian Police.


The goal of this lesson is to provide the students with an understanding of the Macedonian Criminal Procedure Code.

At the conclusion of this lesson, students will be able to:

  1. List the three (3) different courts in Macedonia and their main area of competence.
  2. List at least three (3) responsibilities of the public prosecutor and the investigating judge.
  3. Outline the procedure of reporting crimes.
  4. List the main investigation duties of law enforcement officials.
  5. Outline the procedure for the Search of Dwellings and Persons.
  6. Outline the procedure for temporary confiscation of articles.
  7. Outline the procedure and the content of a crime report.
  8. Outline the inquiry procedure performed by the investigating judge.
  9. List two (2) investigative actions during the inquiry.
  10. 10. List at least three (3) circumstances under which the inquiry will end.