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Lesson 2: Human Rights Awareness


Material for a 2-hour lesson, part of the Border Police Course, developed by the Kosovo Police Service School


This lesson will give you an understanding of the meaning of the term ‘human rights’ and the purpose of human rights. It will also explain, the requirements for the need of human rights and the possible implications of violations of these rights may have on your work as police officers.

You will become familiar with the International agreement ,the European Convention on Human Rights and the UNMIK Regulation 2001/9 chapter 3.

The goal of this lesson is to help the participants to understand the term “human rights” and the implications that human rights have on the work of the police.

At the end of the lesson the participants will be able to:

  1. Define the term “human rights” as presented during the lesson.
  2. State what is the purpose of human rights as presented during the lesson.
  3. Explain the difference between a criminal act and a human rights violation.
  4. Explain how human rights relate to the work of the police.
  5. List the activities of the police that might potentially violate human rights if carried out illegally
  6. Become familiar with The European Convention on Human Rights and UNMIK Regulation 2001/9, chapter 3