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Lesson 2: Observing and noting


Materials for a 2.5-hour lesson, part of the Human Resources training course, developed by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo


A systematic procedure - Recording Behaviour - must be used by assessors to record specific behavioural observations accurately at the time of observation. This procedure might include techniques such as handwritten notes, behavioural observation scales, or behavioural checklists. There are myriad aspects of human behavior, too many to observe and record comprehensively in real time.

At the end of this lesson, the student will:

  1. List measurable and quantifiable observations
  2. Classify and sort observations for later evaluations;
  3. Infer the significance of body language and behaviors.

At the end of this lesson the participant will have developed these competencies:

  • Observing and inferring different behaviors;
  • Taking notes of significant, observable behaviors for later evaluation;
  • Delivering a draft for evaluation purposes;
  • Filling form in annex 2.