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Lesson #2: Primary Assessment


Material for a 1-hour lesson, part of the First Aid and Basic Cardio Life Course, developed by the Kosovo Police Service School


The detection of cardiovascular emergencies and effective performance of CPR can make a difference between life and death. The following activity introduces Emergency Responder to the issues surrounding patient primary assessment. This is the opportunity to lay the foundation of importance that encompasses the primary assessment as the starting point for rendering effective and efficient patient care.

To allow students opportunity to observe, practice, and perform primary assessment skills associated with basic life support.

At the end of the lesson plan, the students will be able to:

  1. Identify the age guidelines for CPR.
  2. Describe when BLS should not be started.
  3. Describe when to Start CPR.
  4. Describe when to Stop CPR.
  5. Describe how to position a patient for before performing CPR, and demonstrate how to Open the Airway
  6. Demonstrate how to Check for Breathing and Identify Gastric Distention
  7. Demonstrate how to Check for Circulation.