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Lesson 2.1: Training of community safety trainers for Local Public Safety Committees (LPSCs)


Material for a 24-hours lesson plan consisting of modified lectures, part of the Capacity Building Training for LPSC Partnership Building Module, developed by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo


The purpose of this lesson is to enhance the participants skills selected as community safety trainers to enable them to facilitate others in the philosophies, skills, and tools of community safety and community policing

After this block of instruction the participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the basics for Housekeeping and learning Environment, Classroom Seating Styles and Establishing ground rules.
  2. Explore Adult Learning Model and Principles of Adult Learning
  3. Define the purpose of Constructive Feedback
  4. Explore how to Structure the Sessions and plan the Lessons using Lesson Planning model ”ROPES” 
  5. Explore how to do self-preparation and prepare Basic Aids
  6. Examine Methods of Instruction
  7. Explore Basic Speech and Presentation Skills
  8. Identify Audio-Visual Aids and familiarize with designing and using Effective Learning Aids 
  9. Examine how to use an interpreter
  10. Explore and examine interactive presentation
  11. Identify the basics for Brainstorming and Chart Writing
  12. State the role of facilitator, the main techniques of the facilitation process and define the basic facilitation skills
  13. Examine small Group Activities and group Discussion
  14. Explore difficult Dynamics and the ways of dealing with Difficult Dynamics , as well as Managing Group Dynamics
  15. Get familiar with activity debriefing
  16. Explore Team Teaching
  17. Explore Role Plays
  18. Identify the basics for Responding to Participants’ Questions and Handling participants Responses