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Lesson 31: Criminal law study — Human rights (C)


Material for the 2-hour lesson, part of the Applicable Law in Kosovo training course, developed by the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo and the OSCE Mission in Kosovo


The goal of this lesson is to provide Police Inspectorate staff with an introduction to the applicable law that relates to human rights and the offences that KPS officers and other officials may commit, in breach of human rights in Kosovo. Specifically, this lesson will look at the abuse of surveillance powers. The lesson will then go on to consider the new legal methods of diverting juveniles from custody.

At the end of this lesson Inspectorate staff will be able to:

  1. State the provisions that relate to unauthorised computer intrusion in Kosovo
  2. Describe the offence of revealing information about a surveillance operation.
  3. List the eight (8) diversion methods under the Juvenile Justice Code
  4. Demonstrate the ability to recall the more important points of knowledge from the lesson