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Lesson 4: Kosovo legislation on prevention and combating of terrorism (Day 1)


Material for 1-hour lesson, part of the 5-day training course on terrorism abusing religion, developed by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo


After the war, in 1999 Kosovo was administered by the United Nations Mission. Initially, in order not to have a legal vacuum, all ex-Yugoslavia laws were applicable, apart from those contradicting basic human rights. Afterwards, UNMIK regulations were being drafted and approved. One of the regulations which has served as legal basis for prevention and combating of terrorism in Kosovo is the regulation 2001/12. This regulation is also incorporated in the Penal Code of Kosovo which is still applicable.

Except Kosovo Penal Code (KPC), in Kosovo there are dozens of laws which are in some way significant and are related to prevention and combating of terrorism.

The goal of this lesson is to introduce the participants with the applicable Kosovo legislation on prevention and combating of terrorism, especially the Penal Code of Kosovo.