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Lesson 6: The Human Trafficking Process


This lesson is a part of the course "Specialised Training on the Trafficking of Human Beings" developed by the Police Development Unit of the OSCE Spillover Monitor Mission to Skopje


The goal of this lesson is to explore the wider issues, raise awareness, increase knowledge and give a wide understanding of human trafficking

At the conclusion of this lesson, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the distinctions between the human and strategic risks in the human trafficking process.
  2. Explain the root causes of the trafficking process
  3. Describe the effect of gender discrimination on trafficked victims
  4. State the difference between sex and gender
  5. Explain the gender dimensions to rights
  6. Give examples of recruitment methods
  7. Outline the routes and means of transportation
  8. Describe the destination stage of the trafficking process
  9. Give examples of mechanisms of controlling a victim of trafficking
  10. State the differences between trafficking and smuggling migrants and mediation in conducting prostitution