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Lesson #GP41: Domestic Violence Practical


Material for a 3-hour lesson, part of the 20-week Basic Training Course, developed by the Kosovo Police Service School.


This exercise will allow students to respond to a domestic violence call. The exercise is made up of four (4) tasks:

  • first response;
  • investigation of the crime scene;
  • initial interview of the victim/ Statement and
  • write up of the incident report.

The full exercise should be completed within the provided time limit.

The goal of this lesson is to give students practical applications skills for a Domestic Violence call.

At the conclusion of this lesson students will be able to:

  1. Perform appropriate first response to a domestic violence call according to the exercise.
  2. Conduct a victim interview to gather information about a domestic violence incident according to the exercise.
  3. Examine domestic violence crime scene according to the exercise.
  4. Write an incident report providing information on the performed tasks at the crime scene and the fugitive suspect according to the exercise.