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Annual Report of the Secretary General on Police-Related Activities in 2017


The Annual Report on Police-Related Activities provides a comprehensive overview of all OSCE police-related projects and activities in a given year. They draw on the combined strength of the OSCE’s institutions and its network of field operations and cut across the OSCE’s three security dimensions.


In 2017, there was again an increase in police-related activities delivered by OSCE executive structures to the OSCE’s participating States and Partners for Co-operation.

Activities related to general police development and reform, constituting around two-thirds of the total number of activities, focused mainly on community policing initiatives, police-public partnerships, gender and ethnic mainstreaming, as well as addressing gender-based and domestic violence.

Total Number of Police-Related Activities in 2017

The OSCE continued to provide police assistance in two major areas: 1) general police development and reform, and 2) countering threats posed by criminal activity, including organized crime, terrorism, illicit drugs and chemical precursors, trafficking in human beings and cybercrime.

Around 60% of the total number of police-related activities organized and delivered by the OSCE executive structures were dedicated to addressing general police development and reform, a slight increase from 2016. Activities dedicated to enhancing and consolidating community policing and police-public partnership projects remained the most prevalent, particularly in South-Eastern Europe, as well as in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Activities on gender issues
increased significantly from 2016 to 2017, constituting 30% of total police development and reform activities, whereas the number of activities on hate crime decreased by 50%.

With regard to the fight against transnational threats, activities related to trafficking in human beings and migration-related crime, counter-terrorism and border security were most prominent. Activities dedicated to countering trafficking in human beings constituted 30% of total activities on threats posed by criminal activity, which is a slight increase from 2016. Activities related to counter-terrorism and border security doubled from 2016 to 2017.

Since 2015, the focus of the OSCE’s police-related activities has shifted considerably. In 2015 activities related to community policing and police-public relations and police development outnumbered other activities, whereas activities addressing threats posed by criminal activity have steadily increased in the past two years.