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Manual: How to respond to domestic violence with a special focus on Albanian state police


This manual is designed as a general guideline for all the stakeholders involved in the fight against domestic violence, with a special focus on the staff of the Albanian State Police, taking into consideration that they are first responders to domestic violence.


The manual consists of four main parts which provide practical knowledge based on the actual laws in force in the Republic of Albania on the treatment of the victims and different domestic violence situations. The manual is designed to be easily consulted by all stakeholders.

The first part provides general information and the main issues that the respective authorities should know regarding domestic violence. The second part of the manual describes the responsible structures and the role of the Court in implementing the Law “On the measures against domestic violence”. The third part speaks on the domestic violence as a criminal offense and the role of the police in the fight against domestic violence. The fourth part focuses on the step-by-step follow-up of a domestic violence case by sharing practical information necessary to the Albanian State Police staff in the fi ght against domestic violence.This manual comes at a time where in Albania domestic violence phenomena is widely spread and when the number of the denouncements by the domestic violence victims has increased considerably during the last years. We hope that the manual that you have in your hands will support all the institutions that play important roles in the protection of the domestic violence victims, especially Albanian State Police staff that are the firsts to address domestic violence cases.