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Manual for investigators by the Interpol Working Group on Trafficking in Women for Sexual Exploitation


Manual of addresses the subject of international trafficking in women and children for sexual exploitation and contains "best practice" principles and specific investigative advice on the subject of counter-trafficking investigations.


Illegal migration has increased exponentially in recent years and the growth in trafficking of women and children has reflected this trend. To put this statement into context, the United Nations Crime and Justice Division now estimates that the global profitability of trafficking in human beings is equal to that generated by the global trafficking of narcotics. So, as with all forms of organized criminal activity, trafficking is all about money.

The three principal elements behind it can be stated quite simply:

  • In the countries of origin, a seemingly endless supply of victims remain available for exploitation
  • In the destination countries, constantly growing sex markets maintain a seemingly endless demand for the services of the victims
  • Organized criminal networks have taken control of this economic "supply and demand" situation to traffic in, and exploit the victims in order to generate enormous profits for themselves.

However, trafficking is a complex phenomenon within which a number of socio-economic factors interact with each other to create the fundamental principles set out above.