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Manual on the Law of Criminal Procedure, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia


This manual reflects on the changes and novelties that the new Law on Criminal Procedure brings, was developed by the OSCE Mission in Skopje in co-operation with the Ministry of Internal affairs for use at the training sessions for police officers that will be organized throughout the year.


Overall objective of the manual is to introduce all authorized officials and police officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the new concept of the Law of Criminal Procedure, the new authorities in the proceedings, their rights and duties, law enforcement authorities in the investigation procedure, investigation process, and prosecution.

By studying this manual the police officers are expected to be familiar with:

  • The new concept of the Law of Criminal Procedure
  • Rights and duties of public prosecutor
  • The role and responsibilities of the new authorities in the proceedings: investigative centres and juducial police
  • The relationship between the public prosecutor and the judicial police
  • The rights of the parties during the proceedings - victims, damaged/injured parties and the defendant
  • Procedural measures and actions for protecting people and evidence
  • Preliminary investigation
  • The powers of police and judicial police in pre-trial proceedings
  • Investigation
  • Indictment
  • Main hearing and judgment
  • Shortened procedure

The manual was drafted into 9 parts and each part refers to certain provisions in the Law on Criminal Procedure.

The section 10 of the manual contains the Code of Criminal Procedure