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Mission to Skopje co-organised regional workshop for Gender Sections of Police Unions

Mission Activity
Police development and reform


On 24 August, the Mission to Skopje supported the Women’s Section of the National Police Union (MPU) in organizing a regional workshop for the Gender/Women’s Section of Police Unions across the region. The workshop objective was to support efforts to increase gender equality in a predominantly male work environment.

During the workshop, 30 participants from police services across the region presented their internal action plans to increase the participation of women in police forces. Best practices were also exchanged on recruitment processes which serve to make the service more attractive to female candidates. Furthermore, the workshop fostered co-operation among police services from across the region regarding lessons learned on gender policies and on how the achievement of a gender balance in law enforcement has a positive impact on effective service delivery by police.

As the Mission supports a project to empower women employed by the police, the workshop also brought together the mentors of these women to exchange experiences on how to address the challenges of working in predominantly male working environments.


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27 Nov 2018
OSCE Mission to Skopje, North Macedonia
gender issues, gender mainstreaming, women's empowerment