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Draft Review Workshop - OSCE Guidebook on Intelligence-Led Policing

Police development and reform


Nominated experts will review drafts and give input to the upcoming guidebook on intelligence-led policing (ILP).


Based on its mandate to assist participating States in building capacities, improving professionalism and supporting police development and reform, the Transnational Threats Department’s Strategic Police Matters Unit (TNTD/SPMU) is developing a Guidebook on ILP.

ILP challenges the traditional and dominant reactive, response-based policing. In an organizational structure where information is systematically gathered, shared and analysed, ILP is designed to assist law enforcement managers and policy-makers to make informed and intelligence-based decisions in their operational and strategic planning, in prioritizing and allocating resources, and in addressing crime and other threats in a targeted way.

The ILP Guidebook is a follow up to this year’s Annual Police Experts Meeting, held in Vienna on 09-10 June 2016, where ILP was the subject matter. The APEM’s Key Findings and Outcomes underlined the need for a common understanding of the ILP concept within the OSCE area. ILP or some components of the concept are being implemented in a number of OSCE participating States, sometimes with the support of OSCE field operations. These efforts are however based on different definitions of ILP and various implementation approaches. The guidebook is intended to clarify the ILP concept and serve as guidance for law enforcement services, managers and policy-makers. Furthermore, the guidebook can serve as a contribution and bring added value to law enforcement training institutions, regional and international organizations working in the law enforcement area and the criminal justice sector.

ILP experts will review drafts and give input to the guidebook during the event.


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17 Nov 2016
OSCE / Transnational Threats Department / Strategic Police Matters Unit
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Vienna, Austria

OSCE / Transnational Threats Department / Strategic Police Matters Unit
Delegations, International organizations, OSCE staff
intelligence-led policing