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Mission in Kosovo provided the local students with briefing sessions on traffic safety and field research methodology in Ferizaj/Uroevac


On 15 November, the Mission delivered a briefing session on traffic safety to around 40 secondary school students in Nerodime/Nerodimlje village of Ferizaj/Uroševac municipality. At the request of school officials, the session was provided in English in order to also contribute to student’s language skills. In general, the Mission provided useful information to the students on how to prevent dangerous behaviours and undertake measures to guarantee their safety while commuting to the school and back. Additionally on 16 November, within its programme frame on confidence and satisfaction in policing, the Mission conducted a session on methodology for field research for around 50 college students in Ferizaj/Uroševac, where it briefed them on the structure and the aim of the confidence and satisfaction in policing programme, and the methodology used to collect data from local stakeholders. The students were also familiarized with the Mission’s support to the public safety and security sector, and participated in the Mission’s survey on confidence and perception in policing.