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Capacity building of in service and specialized training in Montenegro

Mission Activity


This project aims to enhance operational capacities of Montenegrin Police Service through organization of the in-service training on drug identification, illegal migration and human trafficking, identification of forged documents and operational police tactics.


Training and education are key tools to reform and change institutions, including police services. They are essential to learn new procedures, policies and practices to keep the service up-to-date. Training and education ensure the continuous improvement of police officers’ knowledge, skills and ability to adapt and react to a constantly changing environment. Through addressing these three components — knowledge, skills and abilities— in correlation with one another, the basis for quality police training is ensured.

In-service training is standard practice in most democratic police services. It aims to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities of serving personnel on a continuous basis. A lifelong learning approach to the growth of personnel is needed in order to introduce them to new techniques, laws and equipment. In-service training should be a regular part of the system in order to maintain the highest level of staff professionalism. Unfortunately there is still not a systematic and standardized in-service and advance training.

Under this project the Mission will provide various training on: Illegal Migration and Human Trafficking, Drug Identification, Operational Police Tactics and Identification of Forged Documents- aimed at enhancing operational capacities of Montenegrin Police Service.


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27 Mar 2017
OSCE Mission to Montenegro
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Svetlane Kane Radevic Street 3
81000 Podgorica
Office: +382 20 406 401
Fax: +382 20 406 431


economic crime, drugs identification, drugs, counterfeiting, illegal immigration, police tactics, capacity-building