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Online forum on right wing violent extremism/terrorist use of the internet: Emerging patterns and differences

Countering the use of Internet for terrorist purposes


The online forum will focus on key issues related to how right wing violent extremists/terrorists use the Internet. It will identify trends and differences to other terrorists’ use of the Internet, potential responses in line with OSCE commitments as well as identify how the OSCE can further contribute to efforts to counter this threat.


Investigations, including in connection with recent high profile incidents in Europe, related to right-wing violent extremism/terrorism unearthed a diverse picture of the threat level stemming from such groups. Part of the difficulty to establish the extent of the threat could be different ways of recording such crimes and conflicting concepts related to right wing violence.

Regardless, experts agree that the cost of violent right-wing extremism on the Internet should be of concern to all. For instance, EUROPOL argued that the Internet and, in particular, online social media and the development of online pan- European networks, are ‘adding a new dimension to the threat right-wing extremism may present in the future’.

Questions the forum wanted to address include how right wing violent extremists/terrorists use the Internet, how such usage differs from other terrorist use of the Internet, and what good responses are to this threat including taking into account good practices in countering other forms of violent extremism online.


The forum is part of a Series of four Online Expert Forums in 2012 on 1) the Internet used as tactical facilitator by terrorists, 2) terrorist use of social networking tools, 3) right wing extremism/terrorist use of the Internet, and 4) institutionalizing Public Private Partnerships to combat terrorist use of the Internet. The conclusions and recommendations of all four forums will be compiled in a report showcasing good practices and responses to this specific threat - embedded within wider cyber security efforts, taking into account the specifics of terrorists as a perpetrator group. One key component of this initiative will be to elaborate on options how the OSCE could further complement international efforts in this field.


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30 Mar 2017
OSCE Secretariat / Transnational Threats Department / Action against Terrorism Unit
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OSCE Secretariat / Transnational Threats Department / Action against Terrorism Unit
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