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Third phase of the Anti-Corruption Interactive Training Programme for Border Guards, Customs Services and Anti-Corruption Authorities of Moldova and Ukraine, Chisinau, Moldova

Border security and management


The objective of this training, organized by the Transnational Threats Department/Border Security and Management Unit (TNTD/BSMU) in close co-operation with the Office of the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities/Economic Governance Unit (OCEEA/EGU), is to enhance the capacities of involved border agencies in investigating grand corruption in cross-border context.


The first phase of the project – a training course for the core group of trainers (in total 8 participants) – took place in May 2015 at the CEELI-institute, Prague, Czech Republic. In the second phase in November 2015, some 20 new participants from Moldova and Ukraine were trained together with the original core group. The core group participated as co-trainers during the second phase.

The third (current) phase will include two activities – one training in Moldova and one in Ukraine. The goal is to train more experts and trainers, to enhance the training competences of the core trainers and to encourage the involved services to organize such trainings in their countries.

Participants will cover almost the entire chain of rule of law, namely border guards, customs officials, anti-corruption agencies, prosecutors and judges. Additionally to practitioners, also training institutions of mentioned authorities will be attending the training. The project has very strong "Train-the-Trainer" component. After the project, the participants will be able to independently organize and carry out an anti-corruption training.


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17 Jun 2016
OSCE Mission to Moldova
Venue description

Chisinau, Moldova

OSCE Secretariat / Transnational Threats Department / Border Management and Security Unit
Experts, Government officials, Judges, Law enforcement officers, OSCE staff, Prosecutors
Moldova, Ukraine
border management, border security, bribery, corruption, economic crime