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Annual Police Experts Meeting: “Harmonization of Police Reform with the Reform of the wider Criminal Justice System”

Police development and reform


The goal of this annual meeting is to facilitate discussions of experts from participating states, international and regional organisations and OSCE executive structures to identify the crucial links and interfaces among the various sectors of the Criminal Justice System throughout the successive phases of their development and reform to increase the effectiveness of the police and the other sectors alike, thus enhancing the sustainability of reform efforts in the wider Criminal Justice System.


The Annual Police Experts Meeting is organised in response to the Ministerial Council Decision No. 9, adopted in Bucharest in December 2001. The Decision calls upon the OSCE to convene, as appropriate and preferably annually, meetings of police experts from OSCE participating States and representatives of other relevant specialized international and regional organisations.

The purpose of the 2011 APEM will be to gather from the participating States and international partner organisations experiences and good practices in implementing holistic approaches to police reform within the context of wider criminal justices system reform. This compilation of good practices shall subsequently be incorporated into a new guidebook on Police Reform within the Reform of the wider Criminal Justice System, which the SPMU has embarked on developing in close co-operation and consultation with other relevant executive structures of the OSCE, international and regional partner Organizations, as well as experts of the participating States, who are involved in the reform of criminal justice systems.

In accordance with the preliminary structure of the book the three plenary sessions of the APEM will focus on the experts’ exchange of experience and good practices in the strategic planning and implementation of CJS reform at the legislation, strategic, procedural, organisational and training level.

Each country and organisation is encouraged to nominate up to 3 senior experts, ideally having experience in Criminal Justice System reform, particularly in the fields of judiciary, prosecution, penitentiary and police.

During the meeting simultaneous interpretation will be provided in the six OSCE official languages.

The deadline for registration is 08 September 2011.


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03 Apr 2017
OSCE / Transnational Threats Department / Strategic Police Matters Unit
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Hofburg Congress Centre
Vienna, Austria

OSCE / Transnational Threats Department / Strategic Police Matters Unit
Delegations, Experts, Government officials, International organizations, Law enforcement officers, NGOs, OSCE staff
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