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Assistance to expansion of community policing

Mission Activity
Community policing


The main objective of this Project is to facilitate the relevant application of the community policing principles in all project sites (Ganja, Yevlakh, Tar-Tar, Gazakh, Guba, Khachmaz, Davachi and Narimanov district of Bakuand Nakhchivan AR) and extend the introduction of community policing practices to Nakhchivan AR.

Community policing
police assistance programme, police reform


One of the basic conditions of modernization of police structure is the introduction of community policing practices in Azerbaijan, with the aim of improving existing the police structure as well as challenging the old-soviet mentality of policing, through the introduction of a more modern, democratic, and community-centered way of policing.

Community policing activities have been implemented for more than two years in Azerbaijan. Commenced as a pilot project in the west part of Azerbaijan, the project achieved the success of expansion to nine cities/regions of Azerbaijan. As a result of the good experiences of the project, the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has initiated the expansion in the cities/regions of Azerbaijan (Ganja, Yevlakh, Tar-tar, Gazakh, Guba, Khachmaz, Davachi and Narimanov district of Baku). Taking into account this success, it is recommended that the project be continued and expanded in 2oo9 in order to facilitate the appropriate application of the community policing principles in the expanded sites and prepare further expansion throughout Azerbaijan.

Consistent with the OSCE needs assessment visits aimed at the introduction of community policing to Azerbaijan, and after consultation with the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the main objective of this project is to facilitate the introduction of the modern community policing practices in all ten project sites and expand the initiative to include the introduction of the modern community policing model to Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic as well.

In view of all the above-mentioned and bearing in mind the overall aim of assistance to the improvement of police community relations and reform of law-enforcement structures, the project shall consist of the following activities:

Strategic approach:

  • Developing Community Policing (CP) Guidelines for Azerbaijan (hiring a local expert);
  • Reviewing of Azerbaijani community policing guidelines and regulations, developing recommendations for establishment of the Community Policing Development Unit in MolA (Invitation of a Turkish CP legal expert for one week);
  • Organizing a study tour to one EU country for the senior representatives of the MolA to familiarize with the work of the relevant ministerial department;
  • Organizing a nalion-wide CP seminar for all police personnel 10 introduce Azerbaijani CP guidelines; 
  • Organizing International CP Conference.

Training approach:

  • Reviewing the CP curricula of Police School (PS) and Police Academy (PA), organizing CP seminars at PS&PA;
  • Providing 1) basic CP training for newly-appointed police officers at all project sites; 2) basic training on establishment of Community Policing AdviSOry Group (invitation of a Turkish expert) at selected pilot locations; 2) a CP introduction seminar for CP Working Group members, NGOs, teachers and upper class students at new pilot sites; 3) a basic training for new pilot police department's officers on ' Police and human rights, Role of Police within democracy, Police-community relations and Police-media cooperation' with active participation of already-trained Mingechevir officers and the CP experts of the OSeE Office in Baku;
  • Organizing training on "interethnic CP, on gender rnainstreaming in Police and on use of computers in CP" for neighborhood police officers of all project sites;
  • Organizing complex CP training for neighborhood police officers of all project sites at training facilities of Turkish National Police;

Operational approach:

  • Expansion of Pollce Assistance Programme in Nakhchivan and/or Davachi using the Assistance program of the Turkish National Police;
  • Organizing a study visit to one European country experienced in community policing for the senior representatives of all eleven Police departments (Mingechevir, Shirvan, Ganja, Yevlakh, Tar-tar, Gazakh, Guba, Khachmaz, Davachi, Narimanov district of Baku and Nakhchivan);
  • Starting/continuing the introduction of Community policing best practices (establishing Community Policing Working Groups (CPWG); holding CPWG meetings; preparing and publishing the Police Departments' Public Newspapers; preparing and releasing new volume of the local TV program; preparing and publishing brochure under the name of CP; preparing books with CP articles; conducting CP project meetings with Ministry officials and quarterly press meetings of the Chiefs of Police; allocate community partnership messages/posters across pilot cities; organizing city-wide football tournament and essay writing andlor painting competitions, open police recruitment exam, citizens' and school children's visit to Police Departments and road traffic safety and/or best driver campaign; organizing crime prevention public meetings with ex-prisoners; public meetings with retired officers and veterans; launching the public complaints implementation (city-wide boxes); conducting seminars on Improving the Process of Hospital-reported Crimes and Domestic Violence; assisting in production of crime prevention short-movies; launching CP internet page in selected project sites; conducting opinion pools on police-community relations in selected project sites and supporting any new forms of CP activities recommended by relevant local and OSCE institutions) in Azerbaijan;
  • Organizing study tour to an EU country for neighborhood police officers of all pilot sites in order to witness onsite implementation;
  • Supporting the organization of Police Open Days of ali project sites.


Added on
07 Apr 2017
OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Baku, Azerbaijan
police assistance programme, police reform