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Institution- and capacity-building of community policing

Mission Activity
Community policing


The main objective of this Project was to continue the implementation of recommendations of the OSCE needs assessment mission aimed at introduction of modem community policing concept in Mingechevir Police Department and extend the introduction of community policing practices to one more city of Azerbaijan

Community policing


Consistent with the OSCE needs assessment mission aimed at the introduction of community policing to Azerbaijan. and after consultation with the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaiajan. the main objective of this project was to continue the introduction of the modem community policing model in the Mingeche Yir Police Department and expand the initiative to indude the introduction of the modem community policing model to the Ali Bayramli Police Department.

The project consisted of the following activities:

1. In original pilot city of Mingechevir:

  • Organizing a study visilto a European country experienced in community policing and a study tour to Turkey (attending the Turkish Police Day) in cooperation with Ali-Bayramli Police Department.
  • Introducing new tools of community policing (organizing public meeting with retired officers & veterans, developing and launching the Mingechevir Police Department Webpage, organizing Police visit to the Mingechevir Orphanage. establishment of Community Advisory Groups in 12 neighborhood police districts. conducting meetings with Community Advisory Groups members and with neighborhood inspectors, organizing neighborhood meetings in four districts and two crime prevention public meetings with ex-prisoners, launching the Model Driver implementation in Mingechevir, launching the public complaints implementation (city-wide boxes), conducting seminars on Improving the Process of Hospital·reported Crimes and Domestic Violence. preparing the Mingechevir Police video dip).
  • Continuing the already introduced Community policing practices (holding Community Policing Working Group meetings, preparing and publishing the Police Department Public Newspaper, preparing & releasing new volume of the TV program, preparing and publishing brochure under the name of Community Policing, preparing books with Community Policing articles, conducting CP Project meeting with Ministry officials. organizing CP seminar at the Police Academy & Sdlool and quarterty press meetings of the Chief of Police, allocate community partnership messagesJ posters across the City. organizing a city-wide football tournament and essay writing competitions, implementing public information booths of the Mingechevir Police Department, organizing Police Open Day, producing crime prevention short-movies,
  • Organizing a nation-wide CP Seminar for all police personnel,
  • Organizing computer training for Police officers.

2. In new pilot site of Ali Bayramli:

  • Establishing Community Policing (CP) Working Group.
  • Providing basic CP training for newly-determined police officers with active participation of already-trained
    Mingechevir officers; a CP Introduction Seminar for CP Working Group members, NGOs, teachers and upper class students; basic training for pitot police department's officers on Police and human rights, Role of police within democracy, Police-community relations, and Police-media cooperation.
  • Facilitating of establishment of Community Advisory Groups in neighborhood police districts, organizing a special capacity building training for future CAG members and neighborhood police officers in close cooperation with Mingechevir Police Department.
  • In cooperation with Mingechevir Police Department organizing study tour to an EU country in order to witness on-site CP implementation,
  • Conduding opinion poll in pilot city about police-community relations.
  • Arranging public events to raise awareness (football tournament, essay writing and / or painting competitions, open police recruitment exam, citizens' and school children's visit to Police Department, road traffic safety campaign).
  • Organizing Police Open Day (Police day is on 2nd July 2008).
  • Launching regular TV programs with CP content.
  • Launching of Police Department's Public Newspaper,
  • Developing public information brochures/leaflets on safety advices, crime prevention and other relevant topics as needed.
  • Launching CP internet page.
  • Producing crime prevention short-movies on following topics: danger of narcotics, robbery, road traffic rules and theft.


Added on
10 Apr 2017
OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Baku, Azerbaijan