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Regional meeting of the national coordinators for fight against trafficking in human beings - current situation in the field of fight against trafficking in human beings and suggestions and recommendations for improvement

Trafficking in human beings & migration-related crime


Mission plan was to facilitate two days Regional Meeting of the National Coordinators for fight against Trafficking in Human Beings on topic “Current Situation in the Field of Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings and Suggestions and Recommendations for Improvement”, held on 25-26 of February 2010 in Budva, Montenegro.


The OSCE Mission to Montenegro is continuously assisting the local stakeholders in their anti-trafficking efforts. OMIM was represented in the Working Group in charge of creating Montenegrin Strategy for the Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings and later on provided assistance in its implementation.

Montenegrin National Anti-Trafficking Coordinator’s Office (NCO) approached OSCE Mission to Montenegro to assist in organisation of Regional Meeting of National Coordinators and other local actors in anti-trafficking field.

In order to promote regional cooperation, improve the capacity and visibility of National Coordinator Office and raise the awareness of new trends of Trafficking in Human Beings phenomena PAS organised a Regional Meeting, with participation of the eight SEE countries: Montenegro as a host country, Republic of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Kosovo/EULEX as well as representantives of international diplomatic bodies in Montenegro.  This two-day event took place on 25 - 26 February 2010 and it was organised at the invitation of the Montenegrin National Coordinator for Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings.
The goal of the meeting was to bring together National Coordinators from the region and representatives from local institutions and international organisations in order to exchange professional experiences, share the problems they are facing within their daily work and establish a kind of professional network in order to get the possibility to communicate more efficiently in the future. Main topics discussed were identification and protection of victims of human trafficking and problems in data collection and exchange between institutions and a regional level, procedures, methodologies, good practices for reporting.


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