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OSCE Conference on combating the threat of illicit drugs and strengthening control of precursor chemicals

Illicit drugs and chemical precursors


This conference was organised at the initiative of Kazakh Chairmanship and aimed at enhancing the OSCE role and its assistance to participating States in combating illicit trafficking in drugs and psychotropic substances as one of the most profitable and dangerous forms of trans-national organised crime, promoting law-enforcement and cross-border contacts, as well as examining the possibilities of fostering international and regional counter narcotics co-operation.


The Conference is seen as a follow-up event to previous OSCE drug-related meetings and organised in order to update experts in drug fighting on new modus operandi of criminal groups and new initiatives of international and regional organizations to tackle drugs. 

It was expected to get together senior level national drug fighting experts from participating States, Partners for co-operation and representatives of international and regional organisations.

The Conference promoted a comprehensive understanding of the nature of the drugs problem in the OSCE area and strove for the development of effective counter-narcotics strategies.

Within the framework of the Conference participants considered different aspects of the drugs problem, including the spread of heroin and cannabis products from Afghanistan, production of synthetic drugs in some European countries and their export, diversion of chemical precursors into illicit channels as well as the flow of Latin-American cocaine to the OSCE countries.

The ultimate purpose of the Conference was to raise awareness of the drug trafficking threat among participating States, to assist the law enforcement practitioners and decision makers in enhancing the fight against drugs, to facilitate trans-national co-operation and the timely sharing of information as well as to strengthen the relationship, co-operation and co-ordination between OSCE and other international and regional key players in drug fighting, e.g. UNODC, INCB, Paris Pact, Interpol, Europol, EMCDDA, SELEC, CIS, SCO, CSTO, CICA, CARICC and other relevant structures.


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12 Apr 2017
OSCE / Transnational Threats Department / Strategic Police Matters Unit
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Hofburg Congress Centre
Vienna, Austria

OSCE / Transnational Threats Department / Strategic Police Matters Unit
Delegations, Experts, Government officials, International organizations, Law enforcement officers, OSCE staff
drugs trafficking and/or drugs distribution, drugs identification