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Training workshop on Countering the Use of the Internet for Terrorist Purposes for Judges, Prosecutors and Investigators, Valletta, Malta



This 2-day training workshop, organized jointly by the Transnational Threats Department and the International Institute for Justice and Rule of Law, aims to strengthen national and regional responses to combat terrorist use of the Internet by improved skills and capacities of judges, prosecutors and law enforcement officers to effectively investigate and prosecute the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes in full compliance with human rights standards.


The recent conflicts have once again shown that the Internet and social media present a new potential for communication of violent radical or extremist ideologies, terrorist recruitment and training of new members, collecting and transferring funds, planning and execution of terrorist acts, and inciting terrorist violence. Terrorist radicalizers are taking advantage of modern communications technology by using online tools to spread their messages more effectively than ever and targeting especially vulnerable Internet users such as young people.

An effective response to the use of the Internet for terrorism purposes should include a strong criminal justice system-based approach, guided by the normative framework provided by the legal regime against terrorism, and embedded in respect for the rule of law and human rights.

The event will include discussions on, inter alia, legal frameworks on countering the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes, the use of open source intelligence, the protection and recovery of the forensic data in investigations as well as on investigations of the different relevant components such as recruitment, training, incitement, violent radicalization, planning, communication and execution. The event is mainly targeted at judges, prosecutors and/or investigators from OSCE Mediterranean Partners for Co-operation.


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28 Jun 2016
OSCE Secretariat / Transnational Threats Department / Action against Terrorism Unit
OSCE Secretariat / Transnational Threats Department / Action against Terrorism Unit
Experts, Government officials, International organizations, Judges, Law enforcement officers, Prosecutors
terrorism, digital investigation, use of internet for terrorist purposes