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ADAM - POLIS workshop

Illicit drugs and chemical precursors


Automated Donor Assistance Mechanism (ADAM) and Policing OnLine Information System (POLIS): a UNODC-OSCE joint workshop


In the framework of the Paris Pact Initiative, a UNODC project that facilitates counter narcotics enforcement consultation and coordination among countries affected by the traffic of opiates from Afghanistan, UNODC has developed the Automated Donor Assistance Mechanism (ADAM -, a high security technology system that promotes the efficiency and effectiveness of technical assistance in the field of counter narcotics enforcement. ADAM currently provides information on almost 700 projects on counter narcotics enforcement in Afghanistan, Islamic Republic of Iran, Pakistan, Russia, as well as in Central Asian and South Eastern European countries, as reported to UNODC by national and organizational focal points. ADAM has the capacity to perform searches and produce graphs and tables at the press of a button and automatically alerts its users of potential crossover or duplication of activities. ADAM has the potential to facilitate cooperation and avoid duplication of activities in any field of work. 

POLIS is an internet-based system, which has been developed by the OSCE Strategic Police Matters Unit (SPMU), to provide authorized users with access to a vast storehouse of information and knowledge on aspects of contemporary policing issues. As part of the POLIS project, OSCE SPMU was planning to develop a donor assistance mechanism with a view to co-ordinate and optimize the funding of policing activities implemented by OSCE. This year, after a series of consultations UNODC and OSCE have agreed to start preparatory work for an ADAM-POLIS partnership. It is planned that in the year to come (September 06 – September 07), ADAM will also perform the POLIS “coordination” function.


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14 Sep 2006
OSCE / Transnational Threats Department / Strategic Police Matters Unit
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Hofburg Congress Centre
Vienna, Austria

OSCE / Transnational Threats Department / Strategic Police Matters Unit
International organizations, OSCE staff, Delegations
data management, project management, cross-border crime, drugs trafficking and/or drugs distribution