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OSCE - Interim Police Assistance Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic

Mission Activity
Police development and reform


Interim Programme, built on the assets and the lessons learnt during the implementation of the Police Assistance Programme (2003- 2005), focuses at public order management and improving efficiency of police work.


The one-year OSCE Police emergency support programme became necessary after the post election events in the Republic. It is relevant since it takes into account two different time lines and speeds. The Police Reform aims to involve stakeholders, thus assuring ownership and sustainability. This process takes time. Instant technical and logistical (managerial) support aims at an immediate effect. The prolongation and further development of the activities commenced in PAP, covers manifold aspects ranking from macro-level (state protection, rule of law) up to the provision of client-oriented services. In addition, the programme should enable the pursuit of sound public relations.

The overall goal of the programme reads as follows:
Strengthen institutional and human capacities in selected departments of the Kyrgyz Police leading to a consistent and acknowledged application of the rule of law, thus to further assure security and stability in the country.
Within the overall goal, two main goals have been identified:

a) To address the actual security situation in the country with an emergency assistance programme focused on public order management and improving the efficiency of police work; 

b) To continue developing the institutional and legal framework for real and substantive police reform

The programme consists of five main projects, four dealing with operational activities and a fifth, which implements the projects and facilitates the implementation where the project is outsourced.

Project 1 Public Order Management 
Four main outputs (results) are identified within project 1:

  1. Two Public Order Management Units are set up in the South of the Republic
  2. The Centre for Public Disorder Prevention and Resolution at the Police Academy is an acknowledged competence centre
  3. The awareness among Police and civil society representatives of strategic situation analysis and preventive action against the threat of public disorder has increased,
  4. The voluntary people's guard (VPG) is an effective corps within the National Police Force

Project 2 Preparation of Police Reform 
Four main outputs (results) are identified within project 2:

  1. A Comprehensive Police Reform Plan (2006- 2011) is elaborated
  2. Community policing is consolidated and extended
  3. Activities in the field of fighting organised crime has started
  4.  Multi ethnic policing has started

Project 3 Capacity Building (training) 
Three main outputs (results) are identified within project 3:

  1. Training capacity at the Kyrgyz Police Academy has increased
  2. A contemporary, practical-oriented training programme has been implemented at the Bishkek Secondary Police School
  3. A contemporary, practical-oriented training programme has been implemented at the Osh Secondary Police School

Project 4 Improving the operational efficiency of the police 
Six main outputs (results) are identified within the project:

  1. The police capacity at district police stations is strengthened thanks to technical assistance (on the job training/ provision of technical equipment)
  2. The overall management of police work is strengthened in Bishkek, Osh and Jalalabat.
  3. A ‘102’ police response call centre in Osh is established
  4. Drug interdiction capacities are strengthened
  5. The Police Information Analysis System is further strengthened
  6. Premises for a Police Directorate and a Police Station are built in the South (Jalalabat)

Project 5 Programme Implementation Unit 
Five main outputs (results) are identified within the project:

  1. Projects are implemented successfully to the full satisfaction of the beneficiaries and the implementation of outsourced projects is facilitated
  2. Efficient and transparent financial management is in place
  3. Planning, monitoring and reporting are carried out
  4. Regular PR informs everybody about the ongoing programme implementation
  5. Policy and police reform dialogues are maintained


Added on
01 Jun 2005
OSCE Programme Office in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
capacity-building, multi-ethnic policing, police assistance programme, police reform, public order