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Public Order Management

Mission Activity
Police development and reform


The goal of the project is to set up two Public Order Management Units trained in preventing conflicts and managing public order.

Police development and reform
Central Asia
public order


Public order management is a part of conflict management. Conflict management reflects conflict culture and conflict culture is a result of the democratisation process. The main incentive given to the democratisation process in Kyrgyzstan was the collapse of the Soviet empire in 1991 and the declaration of the Kyrgyz Republic as an independent state. As a consequence of various reforms, Kyrgyzstan became one of the showpieces for economic and social change among the former Soviet Republics. During the term of office of its first president, internal tensions towards the second half of the Nineties and the 2000s became a touchstone for democratisation and conflict management.

In 2002 a contested court case triggered off violent clashes in Aksy Rayon, during which the police fired on an angry crowd. The conflict turned violent; the state representatives used their most extreme means of ‘conflict management’. During the aftermath of the clashes the need for sound conflict prevention and management skills among the members of the police has been raised repeatedly. A set of tasks in the field of public order management has been reflected and recommended for implementation within the framework of the Police Assistance Programme, including the creation of a Centre for Public Disorder Prevention and Resolution, analysing and improving public order policing and the setting up of a specialized anti-riot unit. Recent events (March 24–25th 2005) have demonstrated the need to continue to develop measures, which could strengthen the police capacity to prevent conflicts and manage public order.

Project Tasks:

Task 1: Create, equip and train two public order management units

  • Create two units (each of which consists of 105 people), which will be located in the south of the country. In detail: procurement of communication facilities and transportation means, personal protection equipment; training for the different levels of police officers in special public order techniques.

Task 2: Fit out and upgrade the Centre for Conflict Resolution and Public Disorder Prevention

  • Provision of one seconded international police expert to develop a curriculum on the Strategy and tactics of managing public disorder events, to provide a practical training on this subject to police managers concerned from all over the country; to deliver a TTT course on public disorder prevention to local instructors – 4 month mission;
  • provision of a team of experts (one seconded international police expert and two local experts) to provide practical training on public disorder management to the uniformed police platoons in the regions (in the north and south of the KR) – 1 year mission;
  • translating all Strategy and tactics of managing the public disorder events course materials from French into Russian, adapting this course to Kyrgyz conditions; building a field training range for practical
  • supplying 90 sets of ant-riot equipment to the Centre for training purposes; covering the logistical costs of 
    the Centre (phone charges, Internet access service, fuel and maintenance for the vehicles, paper, expendable materials, cleaning materials, etc) for 1 year;
  • provision of additional literature for the Centre, printing / translation of training materials / handouts, etc.

Task 3: Increase awareness of strategic situation analysis and preventive action against the threat of public 

  • Organise seminars/conferences on conflict resolution with the participation of police and civil society representatives;
  • two (2) international police experts for participation in seminars/conferences;
  • legal support (Scientific Research Centre of the MoI); etc.

Task 4: Institutionalise the VPG

  • Set up a working group (locals); hold a forum of civilian organizations; develop the regulations for the VPG's activities in providing public order and public security; print material; purchase equipment (vests, stripes, etc)


Added on
10 Jun 2005
OSCE Programme Office in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
public order