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Improving the operational efficiency of the Police

Mission Activity
Police development and reform


This project aims to build capacity of Kyrgyz Police in the field of forensics and investigation by restoring and providing required equipment and conducting specialized trainings.

Police development and reform
Central Asia
police reform, police assistance programme


The first Kyrgyz Police Assistance Program (PAP) made some initial headway in enhancing basic crime scene investigation and forensic capacity. While the courses were very elementary they provided the essential foundation for specialized training and advanced forensic techniques. It should also be noted that the initial programme was limited to  training investigators who were assigned to the Bishkek area.

Evidence identification and collection at a crime scene are the first steps in an investigation. Material gathered by investigators ultimately has to be examined by forensic experts. These may include latent fingerprints, recovered bullets and weapons along with other forms of trace evidence.

Project Tasks:

Task 1: Strengthening the Police capacity in district police stations of the regions (Osh Jalalabat, Batken, Naryn, Talas, Tokmok, Karakol)

4 international seconded experts for 4 months to run the basic training with different categories of police staff at the district police stations (reporting about committed crimes and complaints to the citizens (Heads and staff of the Duty Rooms, Call Response Centre, etc.); 4 interpreters, expendable materials

Task 2: Provide technical assistance to District Police Stations (excluding Bishkek city)

Purchasing vehicles – 49 (one each per police district/city station – 49 police district/city stations); radios for vehicles - 49; hand-held radio sets (1,000); two 40-seat buses).

Task 3: Strengthening of Police Management

1 international seconded experts for 6 months to run a process of preparation a reform in the field of management, revision of internal management style to be participatory and based on uniform, predictable rules.

Task 4: Repair and update the SONDA automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) in the Ministry of the 

Repair or replace 5 workstations (including scanners), updated training (by vendor), 3 years warranty and service contract provided through an authorized SONDA dealer.

Task 5: Repair and update the CALIBER automated ballistic analysis system at the Ministry of the Interior.

Repair or replace 3 computerized workstations with software upgrades. Training update (provided by vendor). A 3-year  warranty and service contract through an authorized CALIBER dealer.

Task 6: Enhancing the professional skills of investigators

Activities: 2 international seconded experts for 1 year to run the training on advanced investigation techniques in all 8 regions in Kyrgyzstan; interpreter for this group of experts – for 1 year; training in crime scene work by international experts, assisted by investigators who completed similar training provided during the first OSCE Police Assistance Programme.

Task 7: Train Operational Officers and Investigators in professional Interview & Interrogation Techniques

1 seconded or contracted police expert to conduct a one-week interview & interrogation school in Bishkek. Class size to be no greater than 40 persons and will be made up of Operational Officers and Investigators who work within Bishkek. The PAP office conferring with local police will select the trainees.

Task 8: Equip crime scene first response teams (Osh, Jalalabat, Batken, Tokmok, Osh oblast/region, Jalalabat oblast/region, Yssuk-Kul oblast/region, Naryn oblast/region, Talas oblast/region)

Provision of vehicles (total 27; 3 vehicles for each city/region), Fuel and maintenance of vehicles for one year, crime scene kits (36); One year’s stock of fingerprint powder, lifting tapes and fibreglass brushes; digital photo cameras with necessary software (18) and digital video cameras (18); computers (18); CD burners (4); Colour printers with a one year supply of photo quality paper (4); expendable materials to include printer toner and printer paper.

Task 9: Refurbished location for the new Centre

Refurbishment of the premises; procurement of appropriate furniture; installation of telephone lines as required.

Task 10: Installation of the Call Centre

Procurement of the equipment (communications, computers, etc); implementation of geo-coding of data and mapping applications; purchasing the vehicles for the first response teams (2 vehicles at the Police Directorate Osh city; 2 vehicles at each police district stations (5 stations), total - 12 vehicles; etc.

Task 11: Measurement of impact / change

Opinion poll on current public perception of police capacities; post-project opinion poll.

Task 12: Setting up dog handlers’ units

Two mobile dog handlers’ teams trained, equipped and deployed in Osh and one consequently in Naryn. Activities: Procurement activities and training dogs and dog handlers; procurement of vehicles for dog transportation; provision of maintenance for dogs.

Task 13: Further strengthen the Police Operational Information Analysis System

Training courses for users; study tours to major operational analysis centres (5 people x 10 w/d); participation in regional meetings of analysts (3 people x 2 meetings x 5 w/d); one international expert to prepare and deliver a train the-trainers curriculum; maintenance and upgrading of selected software, etc.

Task 14: Further strengthening the vehicle owners registration database maintained by the Traffic Police.

Setting up a complete network linking all district Traffic Police stations of Bishkek city to ensure the capacity for capturing and transferring of vehicle owners registration data in real time; purchasing the computer hardware and software, conducting training with personnel, etc.

Task 15: Building the premises for a police directorate and police station in Jalalabat


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01 Jul 2005
OSCE Programme Office in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
police reform, police assistance programme