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Training of trainers on behaviour skills at Minsk Police Training Centre

Police development and reform


The five-day training course was aimed at enhancing the Police Training Centre's curriculum by introducing modern concepts of necessary communication and behaviour skills, in order to better enable police cadets in their future professional interactions and communication with the population. The course was designed to train police trainers (train-the-trainer scheme) who will be using the acquired skills and knowledge for training their police cadets at the Police Training Centre.


It has been proved in the OSCE region that good policing plays a crucial role in conflict prevention as well as in upholding social, economic, and political stability, Without effective law enforcement and respect for the rule of law, there is little chance for democratic development in any state.

In accordance with OSCE commitments on police-related assistance and the determination of participating States to enhance the OSCE’s role in police-related activities, the project embarked, among others, upon training of existing services, including human rights and fundamental freedoms training, and capacity building in several forms of policing.

The training session was conducted by two internationally experienced police trainers (project experts) at the Minsk-based Police Training Centre. The course was divided in two main components: the first part aimed at introducing computer-based modules on police behavioral skills to the participants and demonstrating them how the modules could be used in classroom; the second part consisted of group presentations by small groups of the participants, making use of the new modules. The last part consisted of presentations by the groups, followed by peer feedback and finally feedback by the two foreign trainers.

Results of the training:

  1. Enhanced capacity of police trainers of the Police Training Centre in policing with society;
  2. Increased awareness of police trainers of the Police Training Centre of European policing practices and international human rights standards;
  3. Improved institutional structure for community policing and strengthening police-public partnership.


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07 Dec 2009
OSCE Office in Minsk, Belarus
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Minsk, Belarus

OSCE Office in Minsk, Belarus
Law enforcement officers
communication skills, domestic violence, use of force, community policing