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Presence in Albania attended the regional counter migrant smuggling exercise


On 23 September, an exercise organised by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo called Operation Balkan Summer commenced in Turkey.

The exercise was based on a scenario which called for co-ordinated law enforcement activity in several countries of the region, including Albania, in order to strengthen regional police capacities on countering migrant smuggling and to test regional law enforcement capabilities in this regard.

The exercise was particularly useful in highlighting organisational challenges involved in forming joint investigation teams at short notice.

The Presence in Albania attended the culmination of the exercise, which included a live surveillance operation, detaining of several persons, their processing as prisoners and related interviews.

The Presence in Albania will organise and lead a debrief of the Albanian aspects of the exercise in October and participate in the full exercise debrief of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo. The Presence in Albania will take the findings into account in planning future activities.