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Seminar on combating terrorist financing: context, concepts and challenges, Warsaw, Poland

Countering financing of terrorism


The objective of this 2-day seminar was to familiarise attendees with the activities and initiatives undertaken in Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT), and to explore the implications these initiatives have for the attendees’ roles and responsibilities in the public sector.


The introduction of programmes to counter the financing of terrorism, derived from pre-existing anti-money laundering programmes, was the first step taken by the US in its ‘war on terror’ following 11 September 2001. As such, CFT has been the subject of considerable attention, and has given rise to new EU Directives and regulatory guidance to stop the flow of money to terrorist groups and to use the intelligence gathered from financial surveillance to identify and convict terrorists. The unilateral action of the US has since been joined by multilateral and international activities including United Nations Security Council Resolutions, European Union Directives and Regulations, and European Council Decisions. This seminar will reflect on the impact of this regulatory guidance on both public and private finance, as well as on its wider economic consequences. The seminar will also provide practical insights into the work of Financial Intelligence Units and discuss new trends in payment methods and the problems of law enforcement.

This seminar has been of particular interest to those involved in implementing initiatives to combat the financing of terrorism and money laundering, including policy makers and public officials in the EU Member States, Candidate Countries and beyond. It should also be of interest to officials of European Institutions.

The seminar consisted of presentations and group discussions. Case studies were used to illustrate practical issues involved in the regulatory guidance. Each presentation included a short Q&A session where the participants could raise issues of their particular interest. The participants were provided with guidance on how to keep their knowledge and skills in the relevant areas up to date.

More information on the seminar as well as the registration page are available on the Europian Institute of Public Administration website.


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22 May 2009
European Institute of Public Administration
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Wawelska Street 56
Warsaw, Poland

European Institute of Public Administration
Experts, Government officials, Law enforcement officers
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