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Law enforcement officer programme on combating hate crime

Mission Activity
Police development and reform


The goal of the programme is to provide participating States with the expertise and tools required to train their law enforcement officials to respond effectively to hate crimes and to enforce relevant hate crimes legislation.


For law enforcement officers to tackle any type of crime, they must first be aware of its existence, and then they need to be armed with the right tools to make an effective response. Hate crime is a prime example of a law enforcement issue where both awareness and the means to respond are often lacking.

In order to fill this gap, the ODIHR, in co-operation with police experts from six OSCE states, developed a training programme for law enforcement officers on combating hate crime.

Originally designed, developed, and delivered by police officers for police officers, the programme has been expanded to include training for prosecutors and investigating magistrates.

The programme consisted of four main components:

  1. Training for police officers on all aspects of hate crime: response, investigation, gathering intelligence, sharing information, and working with prosecutors;
  2. Developing strategies to combat hate crime that are based on proactive police leadership and community- based partnerships;
  3. Developing an effective process for collecting and disseminating data on hate crime; and
  4. Training prosecutors on how to use evidence to establish that a crime has been committed.


Added on
11 Nov 2008
Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR)
education and development, hate crime, human rights