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Kosovo-wide joint Public Information Campaign of the Primary Public Safety Agencies


The main aim of the project is to assist the people of Kosovo in developing an understanding about how the emergency services operate and the importance of trusting the institutions’ competence and motivation. The project was developed by the Department for Public safety Mission in Kosovo.


Department for Public Safety, through it’s Training Monitoring Section (TMS) and the Security Awareness Issues Section (SAIS) worked closely with the Mission Press and Public Information Office (PPIO) to develop and prepare Public Safety Brochures “What to do in case of Emergencies”, leaflets, calendars, and safety stickers with emergency telephone numbers, to assist the Kosovo Fire and Rescue Services, the Department for Emergency Management, the Kosovo Police Service and the UNMIK Customs Service with their Kosovo-wide joint Public Information Campaign. This is the first such undertaking in Kosovo since before 1999.

The events occurred in seven cities throughout Kosovo, from 19 November through 25 November 2007, with the closing ceremony at the Kosovo Centre for Public Safety Education and Development in Vushtrri/Vučitrn. The turnout from the citizens and children was very positive (as noted in the very positive media coverage), with more than 1,000 people in attendance each day of the event.

Clarifying Note: Created in 1999, the Department for Police Education and Development (DPED) of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo was renamed at the end of 2005 into the Department for Security and Public Safety Issues (DSPSI). Later in 2007, the DSPSI was newly renamed as the Department for Security and Public Safety (DSPS). Finally in 2008, the Department acquired a new denomination as the Department of Public Safety (DPS).