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OSCE Chairmanship Event on Effective Strategies to Cyber/ICT Security Threats, Belgrade, Serbia


This expert level event, organized by the OSCE 2015 Serbian Chairmanship-in-Office with the support of the Transnational Threats Department will take stock of- and contribute to the implementation of the Initial Set of OSCE Confidence Building Measures to Reduce the Risks of Conflict stemming from the Use of Information and Communication Technologies (PC.DEC/1106) with a particular focus on developing effective strategies do deal with cyber/ICT security threats.


The CBMs contained in PC.DEC/1106 are both inward and outward looking - designed on the one hand to enhance transparency between participating States, and on the other hand to promote effective mechanisms and processes that allow national authorities to effectively deal with cyber/ICT security threats.

With this event, Serbia as 2015 OSCE Chairmanship-in-Office, will contribute to the implementation of the first set of CBMs contained in PC.DEC/1106 and further promote the readiness of the OSCE participating States and of the Partners for Co-operation in dealing with cyber/ICT security threats on the basis of the CBMs.

The event builds on the conclusions and recommendations of the 2014 Swiss OSCE Chairmanship event entitled Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Confidence Building Measures (CBMs): Promoting implementation, supporting negotiations (CIO.GAL/238/14).