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11th European Police Congress "European Security Architectures: Information Technologies - Intelligence - Operations"



The European Police Congress takes place at the beginning of each year in Berlin. It represents an independent Meeting Place for experts of the Police, Governments and Industries and is exclusively intended for this specific group. In 2008 the Conference discusses European Security Architectures: Information Technologies - Intelligence - Operations within a main programme of two days and ten panel sessions.


The "European Police Congress” is an international conference that intends to be an information platform for Police and Decision Makers of Security and Civilian Authorities. It is the largest specialized Conference for Internal Security in the European Union. Each year the conference is a meeting place for more than 1.600 experts. Representatives of the Police, Border Police, Secret Services, Ministries of Interior and Justice as well as Members of National Governments and Parliaments of about 50 countries participate in the conference.

Topics of the 2008 Main Programme (Extracts):

  • The Balancing between Freedom, Justice and Security within Europe of the 27
  • Global, European and National threats by Terrorists: National Concepts to face the Challenge
  • Cross-Border-Cooperation in Criminal Investigation – Success Story or Disappointment?
  • Police Online / MEPA Online
  • National contra European security architecture – are Europe’s nations prepeared to enlarge efforts for a common European security policy?
  • Building the Police to meet requested Specifications – Future Perspectives for the German Federal System
  • The Security of European Capitals – Specific Requirements for the Internal Security
  • Responsibilities of the European Parliament to ensure Internal Security
  • Europol as Partner between European Agencies – Management of National Information Flows
  • Operational Work of FRONTEX – First Impressions of a new European Agency

Topics of the 2008 Panel Programme (Extracts):

  • European Counterterrorism Strategies: Detection, Financing, Prosecution
  • Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems for Police Forces: Traffic Control, Closed Circuit Television, Personal Control
  • Professional Mobile Radio in Europe: Today’s and Future Solutions for Security Authorities
  • Digital Europe: Identification Systems - Intelligent IT-Systems for Police Forces
  • An Information Model for European Police Forces - Panel organised by the BKA (Federal Criminal Police Office)
  • Policemen 2010 - Capability Management, Human Resources, Technical Aspects
  • European Policemen in international Missions
  • Democratic Control of the European Security Architecture
  • European Border Protection
  • The Berlin Declaration - Common Position of German Police Unions

Key Facts:

  • International platform for the leadership level of the European Police.
  • Key Notes of Ministers of Justice and Interior.
  • Meeting Place for Political and Police Decision Makers.
  • participation: Ministers of the Interior, Ministers of Justice, European Delegates, Secretaries of State, Heads of Agencies, Police and Border-Control Authorities and Executive committees of companies from more than 50 nations participate in the conference.
  • Nine specialized Panel Discussion Rounds.
  • Exhibition of leading companies of system solutions.
  • State of the art conference rooms.
  • High media resonance by reporting in Printed Media, Broadcasting and Television.
  • Free of charge for Civil Authorities, Police Forces, Armed Forces, Embassies and Press.


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10 Oct 2007
Venue description

Berliner Congress Center,
Alexanderstr. 11 (Alexanderplatz),
10178 Berlin

Behörden Spiegel Group
Experts, Government officials, NGOs
border security, intelligence, international police cooperation, criminal investigation
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