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Police Experts workshop "Good practices in Basic Police Training – curricula aspect"


The event is organised by the SPMU as one of the steps to progress its initiative on extracting good practices in basic police training.


One of core directions given by the OSCE Bucharest Ministerial Council (4 December 2001) in its Decision 9 is “to explore and build on the role of police training, particularly integrated police training, in creating police services that can enjoy the confidence of the entire population, and as a confidence building measure...”.

In order to fulfil above directive the OSCE provided assistance to national Police Services, mostly in Balkans, Caucasus and Central Asia, through the activities of specially established OSCE Law Enforcement Departments or through the implementation of OSCE Police Assistance Programs. The police training sphere, especially basic police training, appears to be one of core elements in above assistance where the introducing of “good international practices” may be most useful.

Accordingly, the SPMU has generated the initiative to create, based on compilation of existing in the OSCE region good practices, a consolidated analytical document which by nature appears to be a set of recommendable minimum standards to be followed while improving the basic police training.

Such analytical document, focused on “curricula aspect” of basic police training, is under creation now with expectation to be ready at very beginning of November 2007; so, it may be distributed to the police training experts for their early consideration and commenting.

The scheduled workshop for 20 November 2007 in Vienna on “Good practices in basic police training – curricula aspect” is organized by the SPMU in order to discuss this document with experts concerned and through this discussion to bring this document closer to its final version.

Participants in the workshop are expected to share their knowledge, experience, visions, etc. at basic police training sphere, especially at its curricula aspect and to provide their comments on the draft of above document.