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Members of new Local Public Safety Committees (LPSC) receive training on principles of community policing


On 10 May, the Mission in Kosovo concluded the facilitation of two community policing training modules about partnership building and problem solving for members of new LPSCs.

The training was delivered to a total of 36 members of four new LPSCs, alongside several new recruited members of previously established LPSCs, by 11 Mission-trained community safety trainers (six Kosovo Serbian and five Kosovo Albanian) in co-operation with the staff of the Mission. Generally, both training modules focused on equipping participants with knowledge and skills on the principles of community safety and community policing, as well as on analysing problems related to safety, security and quality of life. LPSC members representing communities, youth and the Kosovo Police from different municipalities were also acquainted with the basics of project management, and through practical exercises during the training, developed project proposals based on prioritized concerns within their respective communities.