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Regional Workshop on Strengthening Law Enforcement Co-operation in the Central Asian Region, including Afghanistan, in Combating Illicit Drugs


The event is targeting experts in combating illicit drugs, including new psychoactive substances (NPS), and law enforcement investigators, specializing in cases of drug trafficking linked to the use of Darknet and/or cryptocurrencies from police, intelligence, prosecution and other relevant national agencies and structures.


This activity is designed to raise awareness and improve law enforcement inter-agency co-operation, co-ordination and information sharing on the regional level, as well as to identify ways and means to more effectively address the treat of illicit drugs, including opiates and NPS, and drug-related crimes facilitated by the Darknet. It will also focus on the application of new investigation techniques, mechanisms and case management procedures and anti-money laundering techniques. Additionally, this regional workshop aims at exploring ways to enhance co-operation among the national stakeholders in the Central Asian region in the prevention and investigation of drug trafficking and on the real-time exchange of intelligence information.