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OSCE provides advanced training on forged travel documents to border guards in North Macedonia

Skopje, Macedonia
Border security and management


This five-day training course was organised by the Border Security and Management Unit of the OSCE Transnational Threats Department in co-operation with the OSCE Mission to Skopje and the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of North Macedonia.


The course was held at the Police Training Centre in Idrizovo and was conducted by document experts of the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior.

Twenty-one second-line officers had the opportunity to examine travel documents security features, printing techniques and security substrates. They also learned how to better detect imposters.

Exercises focused on the differences between genuine and forged documents, as well as on the effective use of equipment; such as magnifying lenses. High-quality magnifiers were donated to the participants by the OSCE.

This course will be followed by a Train-the-Trainers course in November. This is  part of a series of trainings on the detection of forged travel documents that have been organized by the OSCE Border Security and Management Unit since 2015 in different countries.