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Police Mentoring for Women


Training materials from the project to support young women in the police force and to promote gender equality within police structures, developed by the Mission in Skopje and implemented in co-operation with the Women’s Section of the national police union


Materials encompass modules on promoting gender equality at work and on mentoring approaches and skills, with a set of specific recommendations to help both mentors and mentees in the process. 


Mentoring is a process in which an experienced person helps another person achieve their goals through a series of limited, face-to-face and confidential conversations or through other learning activities. Mentoring is a development-oriented relationship in which one person invests time, knowledge and effort to strengthen the development, knowledge and skills of another person in order to prepare them for greater work effectiveness or for achievement in the future.

The project is meant for young women employed in the police force and working within a male-dominated working environment, with an aim to aid in recognizing and overcoming professional obstacles, and to identify opportunities to enhance their career development.

The project will continue in 2018 with the selection of mentees and the formation of mentoring pairs.