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Police reform in Montenegro 2001-2005: Assessment and recommendations


The report provides concrete recommendations for the Ministry of Interior, Police Administration, other government institutions, as well as for the international community, which are meant to form the basis for future constructive discussions.


The research for this report was conducted through a total of 77 interviews with representatives of the Ministry of Interior, the Police Administration and other government officials, politicians, civil society, media and the international community. Interviews were conducted in the period between July 2005 and February 2006.

This report has been written in advance of the May 2006 referendum on the future status of Montenegro and it should be understood that the information it contains reflects research and analysis only through 31 March 2006. However, as both Serbia and Montenegro have their own internal structures, most notably for this report parallel Ministries of Interior and police services, the outcome of this referendum will have a limited impact on the structures within the police service.

It is expected that the recommendations contained in the report will be closely considered by the Ministry of Interior. Furthermore, it is expected that the international community, including the OSCE, will consider their engagement in the reform process and, where necessary, adjust their policies to ensure optimal support to the police service during its transition. This is a process in which success will bring rewards for both Montenegro and the international community.