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Progress report on police programme implementation and perspectives of further cooperation


The progress report was presented at the 11th session of Executive Steering Committee held on May 26, 2009. The report provides an account of achievements and progress made in implementing the OSCE police reform programme and sets out the strategic directions for 2009-2012, developed by the Ministry of the Interior of Kyrgyz Republic with OSCE assistance.


Cooperation between the Ministry of the Interior (MoI) of the Kyrgyz Republic and the OSCE in the law-enforcement area over the last six years has had a positive effect on a number of action areas of joint programme projects (such as improving the quality of investigation, strengthening capacity on public order management and conflict prevention, developing confidence-building measures between the public and police etc.).

The programme of reform for 2009-2012 covers seven priority directions that are aimed at building and strengthening partnerships between the police and civil society, forming a professional core of police experts in a number of most urgent areas of law-enforcement activity and creating the necessary conditions for effective interaction between the police and other law enforcement agencies of Kyrgyzstan in the area of reforming the judicial system.

Taking into account the complexity of the developed programme it is necessary to consider the need to develop and implement a set of preparatory activities required for the launch of the three-year Programme for reforming the Kyrgyz Police.

Resolving organisational issues will demand some coordinated actions between the Government of the KR and the Administration of the President of the KR and the involvement of other law-enforcement and judicial agencies in discussions about reform issues.

It is expected that once the issues discussed in the Steering Committee have been considered joint (MoI and OSCE) provisions will be made aimed at intensifying the planned actions and developing a mechanism for the effective and timely resolution of any problems.